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Population Education Department

Population Education Department

NCERT new delhi has organised Population Education project NPEP for the qualitative improvement of population Education among student,teacher and parents as well.
For the implimention of this project population education departments came in to existence in MSCERT in 1981 and for the same financial aid is provide d by comfert human resosureces department throught NCERT new delhi.

Objective of this departments

  1. To make students understand the co-relation between population increase and social and economic progres of our nation .

  2. To educate student and teacher about the real problems resulting from over population .

  3. To make them realise the significance of population education in formal aswell as informal education.

  4. To promote children towords a better way of living.

  5. To propote children towords a better standard of living.

  6. To educate them about responsible parent--.

  7. To provide awareness about envoirmental profection.

  8. To development among children the concept of permnant delopment and to learn and work accordingly.

By controling population qulificative development of the native can be achived. The anticipated development of the nation could not be attained due to the uncontrilled increase in population and the resultant qualificative decline. This is nothing but a reality keeping this good in mind various projects /programmes are organised throught population education department to educate people about the dermerits of this phenomenon and ways to ----.

This department has arganised the following programmes during the year 2013-14.

This department has organised the following programmes during the year 2013-14.

1) World population day:

On 11 july 2013 MSCERT celebrated population day to bring awareness about population explossion and various programmes also were conducted by children of mahadji shinde high school jr. College vanwadi pune 40. And vishnuji shekuji satav higjschool wagholi.

2) Discussion session:

A Discussion session of science advisors and science supervisors was held at mahatma phule hall of MSCERT pune on 12/8/2013 in this meeting,expenditure and programmes for the previous was discussed and proposedprogrammes for 2013-14 Dr.shankutala kale.Jt. Director MSCERT pune presided over the meeting.

3)National role-play competetion :

To help adolescent children to understancd and solve problems of this erital stage and also to acquire life skills,from 2009-10 onwords NCERT new delhi has organised national role play competetion. In september 2013. Competetion in school taluka,Distrect and divisional levels were organised by this departments and state level competion was held on 22/23 october 2014.in mahtma phule hall of MSCERT pune 30. Cash prises were onworded to the 1st,2nd,and 3rd winner.

2)National folk – dance competion:

From 2013-14 onward NCERT New delhi started folk-dance competetion also with role play and this competion was held on 14th and 15thoctober 2013. Cash prizies were onward to the 1st,2nd and 3rd winner.

5)Adolescent stage training:

The guidance an adolescent stage training in english prepared by NCERT new delhi was translated in to marathi by MSCERT pune a training for BEOs and lecturers of DIETs regarding the proper utilization of this guidance book was organized on 23,24th,25th,feb 2014 and 87 trainees participted in this programme.

6)Orientation course for RMSA.SSA and SMC:

An Orientation course for resource persone of RMSA.SSA and SMC on population education and adolesecent stage training was held on 18 th feb 2014. Total 49 rps participated in this and shri thusey gave a detailed lectura on the topic AIDS and related topics.

7) Folder development:

Two seperate colours and ---- folder containing the rule and regulation time limit and procedures of foke dance competetion has prepared to be ---------- among school well --- the competetion.
The world health organization has specified to life skills an school level and those ae essential for the physical and mental health developments of childre in order to prepare coloured / illustrated explining the 10 life skills and its benefits two workshop were organized on 26th to 28th octo and 9th to 11thocto 2014.

8)Golden jubelly publication of folder:

2013 was a signification year in the history of MSCERT as it was the golden jubeely year completing so year of creditabe service and stepped on to the 51 year a grand golden jubeely function was organized in which the hon. Director of MSCERT new delhi. Dr.parveen singlair was the chief guest and the special guest ----- the golden jubeely special folder.

9) Need based programme district nandurbar:

A need based programmes was held in villege jaynagar,taluka shahada Dist.nandurbar which was selected under national population education progrmmes. A gathring for student parants and villegers at shri chakradhar secandary and higher secondary school. Chairpersone for the function was smt banumatibai eashi ,---- grampanchyat jaynagar explianed the role of woman and their requirements resoures persone.smt. sugat punne ( project officer ) shri. Jaynt kulkarni (lecturer ) and smt. Deshmane ( extra.officer ) attended the function an behalf of MSCERT pune.

10) Participation in state science exhibition :

State science exhibition was held in seth ---- laichand highschool deshmannagar amravati,during 27th to 30th jan 2014 72 projects selected to population education were presented in this exhibition stems that stood first in District exibition ( one from primary and one from secondary ) were inchanged in the state level exhibition there was an extra staff with the exihibits of MSCERT pune
The exhibits those got 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes in primary and secondary were given cash prizes and moments.

11) Evaluation of population education std IX to XII:

The chapter of textbook from IX to XII were studied from the point of view of population education edu and evaluated there on for that evaluation two workshop were held during 2nd to 4th sept 2013 and 6th to 8th feb 2014.

12) Contribution of the departments in golden jubeely celebration:

All the standerd publications published fill date by vidya prishad was exhibited during golden jubeely celebration.

13) Yearly project report meeting tirupati,chittoor,andhrapradesh:

Under national population education programme 2013-14 to serview the various project undertaken by various states and to plan the next year programmes NCERT new delhi has conducted a workshop at chittor andhrapradesh from 22nd to 24 th feb 2014.
Hon,prveen singlair Director NCERT New Delhi guided the participants Dr. Shankutala kale Jt.Director and smt sugata punne project officer attended this function during this workshop MSCERT presented the report of action taken during 2013-14 and the proposed projects for the session 2014-15.