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Maharashtra state institute of Audio visual Education Pune

Maharashtra state institute of Audio visual Education Pune

A) Name of dipertment - Maharashtra state institute of audio visual Education408, sadashiv peth pune – 411030.
  1. Head of dept- smt.p.s.shinde.
  2. Phone no-: 020 24476749
  3. E-mail Id -: [email protected]
  1. Name of Dy.D -----
  2. Phone no-: 020 24476749
  3. E-mail Id -: [email protected]
C) other officers in department .
  1. J.A.Kulkrni lecture
  2. P.G.Payghan suprinetendent
  3. Phone no-: 020 24476749
  4. E-mail Id -: [email protected]
Other staff
  1. Shri.A.D.Tupe
  2. Shri.D.R.Wagmare
  3. Shri. V.R.Dhawle
  4. Shri.V.S.Partwardhan
  5. Shri.R.A Raodeo
  6. Shri.R.S.Shinde
  7. Shri.G.V.Kadam
  8. Shri.K.N Pansare
  9. Shri.D.I.Kachi
  10. Shri S.S.Raut
  11. Smt S.L.Kamble
Phone no-: 020 24476749
E-mail Id -: [email protected]

Maharashtra state institute of Audio visual Education

Maharashtra state institute of Audio visual Education is setablished in the year 1918, in mumbai with a view to emphasize the need and proper use of audio visual aids and this institute wa shifted to pune in june 1971. This institute has been working as an auxiliary of Maharashtra state council of educational research and training pune 1984.
Audio visual aids assume unique importance in modern methodology. The proper use of audio visual aids accelerate the teaching learning process in the present system of Education, use of audio visual aids helps the with minium energy and time input. It also enhances students active participation in the teaching learning process.
Main object’s:
  1. To emphasize the importance and need of audio visual aids for effective classroom transactions.
  2. To conduct training programs for in service and pre service teacher educators and preparation of low cost Audio Visual Aids and demonstrate their appropriate use.
  3. To conduct district level workshops and other teaching aids to educational institutions that is the members of this institute .
  4. To arrange exibitions of teaching aids at the venues where workshop are conducted.
  5. To prepare and distribute booklats and folders free of cost giving information regarding audio visual aids.
  6. To train teachers on managements of mimes using digital camera,scanner,internate and develop power point presentation ustful for learning in classroom.

Sections of the institute

A)Graphics section :

This section organizes every year ten days three training programmers on development of educational aids using drawing,painting,and craft work is demonstrated during the training.
Flannel unit,folder,animation chart,jump up diorama,three dimensional picture,poster,chart,diamond shap,magic box,panorama,diorama,educational toys,magic flowers,multipurpose folder,etc are prepared and used in the training/
Teachers trained throught this course can work as resource persons in their respective districts.

B) Puppetry section :

This section organizes ( ten days each ) three puppetry training programmers every year.
Dolls play an important role in childs life especially between the age group up to ten years.puppetry an important role in imparting education of per-primary and primary level. This section gives guidance in prepaing different type of puppets,script writing. Recording of the dramatization based on the script and presentation also done.
Puppetry is a confluence of diffrent art and craft: hence it gives an opportunity to use their hidden inborn qualities among the teachers and pupile.

C) Photography:

This section organizes every year ( ten days each ) two photography training programmers
The art of photography is useful in preparing different type of educational teaching aids importance is given on how use digital camera
And how to prepare slide show,with the help of computer and internet and make use of it in the day today teaching learning process. This section has developed teachers handbook on “ photography for classroom ”

Publication and distributions :

As all teachers cant participate in training programs of workshop so the institute prepared a folder containing information of this institute. Those are provide to the educational institutes on their demand. Also the application form is supplied free of chargs.
Institute orgarises 21 days general course of puppetry,photography and graphics for the teachers an teacher educations use of digital camera,scanner,LCD,OHP projector telephone VCR,VSP, taprecordor, radio pa sound sustem and computer how use in learning process and how to take precaintains of graphics,photography and puppetry distributed for training and visiteors free of cost.

Sr.no Name of training Duration Total days Expcted traniess no Present trainiess no.
1 Certficate course of audio visual 1/7/14 to 21/7/14 21 40 28
2 Graphics 4/8/14 to 13/8/14 10 25 31
3 Puppetry 10/9/14 to 19/9/14 10 25 24
4 Photography 22/9/14 to 1/10/14 10 25 n
5 Graphics 11/11/14 to 20/11/14 10 25 25
6 Puppetry 9/12/15 to 18/12/15 10 25 24
7 Photography 13/1/15 to 22/2/15 10 25 n
8 graphics 3/2/15 to 12/215 10 25 n

Above nine traing program bugget allowed rs.62000 for the year 14-15

Details of training programme for year 2014-15

Sr.no Name of work shop duration praticipants venue Name of resorce parson
1 Graphics 26/4/14 31 Tamine gao tq.mulshi Shri.A.D.Tupe
2 Graphics 12/5/14 to 31/5/14 370 State level training progrm for st III and IV at lonavala Shri.A.D.Tupe
3 Puppetry 9/7/14 to 10/7/14 38 Laximibai dhaije pra vid gujar nagar thergao Shri.D.R.Wagmare
4 Graphics 16/7/14 to 17/7/14 53 Mahanagar prathmik shikshan manda Shri.A.D.Tupe
5 Graphics 24/7/14 to 25/7/14 68 Tilak maharashtra vidyapith bhavan mukund nagar pune 37 Shri.A.D.Tupe
6 Graphics 30/7/14 to 31/7/14 64 Vistar seva prakalp panchyat smiti vai dit. satara Shri.A.D.Tupe
7 Puppetry 7/8/14 to 8/8/14 55 Vistar seva prakalp panchyat smiti vai dit. satara Shri.D.R.Wagmare
8 Graphics 20/8/14 to 21/8/14 80 S.M.T college of education talegao dhabhade dist.maval Shri.A.D.Tupe
9 Graphics 26/8/14 to 27/8/14 65 Distt.prakalpa panchyat samiti malshiras dist.solapur Shri.A.D.Tupe
10 Graphics 1/9/14 to 2/9/14 100 Azam college of education camp pune. Shri.A.D.Tupe
11 Graphics 6/9/14 100 A.A So sikshan shatra mahavidyalay ambegoa bhu Shri.A.D.Tupe
12 Graphics Adhyapak mahavidyalay vadgao maval Shri.A.D.Tupe
13 Graphics H.G.M azam college of education pune Shri.A.D.Tupe

Two special programme differ from regular activity.

1) Computer lab and its utility evaluation ( S.S.A )
2) Computer lab ( I.C.T )

Details of activity is attached herewith :

Maharashtra state councial of educational reserch and training (vidya prishd) pune 30 ( S.S.A Department )m.s. Institute of audio visual education pune 30.
  1. Tital of the project
    evaluation of the present status and utility of the computer laboratories ( 2014-15 )
  2. Introduction :
    the study of computer is introduce in the school curriculum as this is the age of information technology. There are computer labs in most of the school in the state. It is essential to know it there are physical facility in the school required for the computer labs.
  3. It is also necessary to know how the labs are used for whom are they used and whether the student are benefitted from in the curriculum transaction.
  4. Objective :
    1. to know the physical facilities available in the computer laboratories
    2. To import knowledge about computer to student as per the curriculum
    3. To pursue computer literacy.
    4. financial provision :- Rs. 21.60 lakh
  5. outline of the programme :
  6. First of all the strategiaes and details of the programme would be decided in the meeting of the officers and computer expert from the council the questionnaire to know the present status of the computer labs would be developed in 4 workshops and a question aire would be development o judge the present usage of the member labs in the schools --- the conduction of 4 workshop.
    These two questionnaires would be filled by the school education offices ( pri ) the data would be collected edited and analysed at the council. The finding would be brought toword throught analycis.

Tital of the project

Establishment of a computer laboratory in MSCERT ( TEAB ):

Introduction :
The study of computer is introduced in the school curriculum 2012. There are computer laboratories in most of the school the need to established a model computer laboratory as the state level is strongly felt to guide the state about the use of computer in the teaching learing process. The M.S institute of audio visul education proposes to establish a model computer lab accordingly.
Objective :
  1. To promote use of computer in the teaching lerning process,
  2. To develop software as per the new curriculum
  3. To activate and keep the computer labs functional.

Financial provision :- Rs. 10.00 lakh:

Outline of the programme :

A M.O.U between the state governmen and Y.C maharashtra open university would be signed and the further work would be carried out as per the M.O.U