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Evaluation Department

Evaluation Department

Evaluation dept. was established in 1963 under the Directorate of Education. It was merges in MSCERT in 1968. The main task of the evaluation dept. is to bring the appropriate changes in the implementation of the evaluation procedure for std. 1 to 8 of primary schools.

Objectives :

To study the problems in educational evaluation system at school level & to suggest to improvements.

  1. Preparation of handbooks & reference material for CCE.
  2. Preparation of tests for school evaluation based on competency / skills / learning outcomes.
  3. Preparation of guided reference material for qualitative improvement in teaching learning process.
  4. To arrange state / regional / district / grass - root level training programmes for RPs with respect to new curriculum competency based teaching learning & CCE.

Activity held by Evaluation department.

1) Teacher training programme : -
Continuous comprehensive evaluationon the basis of NCF2005 and RIT atc 2009.( CCE ) methodology has been implemented from 20th Aug 2010, for all the medium and managements school from class 1st to 8th .
To give the training for all the teachers head masters, cluster head and the field officer in the year 2010-11, continuous comprehensive evaluation teachers modual had been developed and five days training were arranged for them.
In the year of 2011-12 contious comprehensive Evaluation part II and part III teacher training moduls were developed which developed which gives information based on formative Evaluation technique and co-relation with teaching and learning process . Three days training were arranged for all the teachers and field officers.
In the year of 2012-13 comprehensive teachers module was developed and arranged five days training programme for the teachers.
2) Special training for out of school children: -
As per RTE 2009, Act 6-14 years out of school childrens are admitted in the age appropriate classes .Those are Educated by special Education techniques for that purpose MSCERT developed teacher training modul and students friendbooks on language and mathamatics three days teacher training programme was conducted in the year 2011-12 and 2012-13.
3) Students Achivement Survey : -
NCERT, New Delhi organised national achivments survey for 3rd,5th,8thstudents Every year one standerd is covered step by step. Inspire of that . in the year, 2013-14 state level achivements survey was held by CERT.for class 5th achivements in marathi ‘ language ’ and mathematics was tested .In the year 2014-15, state level achivements survey is in the process for class 2nd, 3rd ,5th, 8th achivements in marathi ‘ language ’and mathematics will be tested.