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Department Of Training

Department Of Training

As per the GR dated sep.23, 2011, it was decided to provide foundation for Officers/Employess from class I to cl III , and the responsibility or providing training is allocated to this departments
Objective :
  1. To provide adequate training for officers/employees of the state to increase officieney of administration
  2. To import efficients and need based training
  3. To improve human resourch by providing training
  4. To impliment training policy of goot without failure.
  5. Training programmes undertaken as per GR dated 23-9-2011
Basic training
Sr.no Training Duration Remark
1 Maharashtra education service class 1 6 week Realy reewrited
2 Maharashtra education service class 2 6 week Realy reewrited
3 Clerk class 3 3 week Realy reewrited
4 Employee class 4 1 week Realy reewrited
Training undertaken by the department during 2013-2014.
Sr.no Training Duration Nos Remark
1 Maharashtra Education service class 1( Education officer/lecture ) 1/7/13 to 10/8/13 89 completed
2 Maharashtra Education service class 2 ( Dy. Education officer / equilent post) 10/9/13 to 21/10/ 2013. 76 completed
3 Maharashtra Education service class 1( Education officer/lecture ) 2/12/2013 to 11/1/ 2014. 30 completed
4 Clerk class 3 11/10/2013 to 10/12/ 2014. 38 completed
5 Supervisre class 2 ( general state service ) 3/2/2014 to 15/3/ 2014. 50 completed

Other trainings counducted by the departments :

1)British council training :

Under an agreement reached between maharashtra govt. And british council under M.E.L.I.P.S, english training is given to teachers teaching in std 1st to 4th 486 state level master trainer were trained during the session 2013-14. Thers master trainers is turn trained 67,200 teachers during the month of jan 2014 and the main motive of this was to improve the quality of english teaching in all the zilla panished in maharashtra.
2)Center for cultural resources and training ( CCRT ) :
Various training are under taken under CCRT new delhi, and the main objective of this training is to arquaint teachers with the various external diversity of india and help to reach them to the common public throught student.CCRT the proposalas cultural diversity throught education and the following trainings were conducted for this purpose.

Sr.no Training Qualifications for trainers
1 Teachers orientation of course for new subject Teachers of 84 8th to 12th
2 Teachers orientation of course for new subject DIET/DTEd professors and lecturers
3 Intregrative craft skill in school education Teachers of art/work experiance
4 Role of puppetry in school education Teachers of std 1st to 5th
5 Role of school in conservation of natural and cultural heritage Teachers of std 6th to 12th
6 Our cultural heritage. Teachers of std 1st to 12th

For the above training applicaut have to contact CCRT or vidya prishad throught their e-mail ids.
Hon director of MSCERT shri N.K jarg is the CCRTS, vodal officer for the state of maharashtras. Maharashtra in the start which has trainied maximum number of teachers under CCRT and for the same chairman of CCRT has specially congratulated and thanked MSCERT, profoundly.